Paul John Ballard


I have always had a passion for drawing and always will. I love the feeling of being able to capture what I see; it is a great feeling of achievement. Now add a beautiful woman to this ability, and you have a fantastic combination. You may wonder and marvel at such beauty as crystal clear lakes, majestic mountains, and breath taking scenery, all of nature’s beauty. But to me the most breath taking views are of a beautiful woman. Try to imagine a sleek aerodynamic car, with all the latest features you can have and a performance which is top level. This is nothing compared to a woman. To capture the image a woman I like to do a few good sketches. This way I feel as I am getting to know her, her personality starts to come through into the drawing or painting. You can see the happiness and any pain around the eyes. All of this starts to build a picture. This reflects into the artwork also making the subject more real. Her stance and the way she poses herself also tells the story of her personality. Now combine all these things together, you now start to look at the artwork in more depth and with interest. I always try to make the artwork sexy making you want the model. I don’t have a muse, I like to paint or draw as many beautiful women as possible. In comparison, it would be like travelling the world visiting all the beautiful places. You want to see more, each site would be beautiful but different. Try to imagine painting every woman, you would never run out of subjects and you will always be interested in the next subject. It’s hard to explain this to people, it’s just passion.

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